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"Planetary Exploration and the Plutonium-238 Connection"  •
Ralph McNutt , APL/JHU                                                         April 16, 2014

"Evaluating International Collaboration for Human Exploration Beyond LEO"
Emanuele Capparelli , Skolkovo Inst. & Natasha Bosanac , Purdue Univ.          April 9, 2014

"Critical Risks for Extending Human Spaceflight"  •
Mark Shelhamer , NASA JSC                                                      April 2, 2014

"Defending the Earth From Asteroids: Meeting the Challenges of Planetary Defense"

Bill Ailor, Aerospace Corp.                                                     March 12, 2014

"Affording Mars - a Workshop, a Plan, a Future Course for Human Spaceflight"  •
Michael Raftery , Boeing  &  Joseph Cassady , Aerojet                           February 19, 2014  

"Sunjammer - A Solar Sail Navigation Demonstration"  •
Nathan Barnes , L.Garde Inc.                                                    February 12, 2014                                                                                                               
"DARPA Space Programs: Access to and Thru Space" 
Jess Sponable , DARPA/TTO                                                       February 5, 2014

"Applications of Inflatable AirBeams for Aerospace Structures"
Allen Lowry & Lynn Fogelman, Airborne Systems/HDT                              January 29, 2014

"Innovative Robotic Systems for In-Space Operations"  •  
Dave Akin, U. Maryland                                                         January 22, 2014

"Minimoons: New Prospective Targets for Human Exploration"  •
Bill Bottke, SWRI Boulder                                                      January 15, 2014

"Co-Robots and the Future of Space Activity"  •

Madhu Thangavelu , USC                                                         January 8, 2014

"ISECG and Global Exploration Roadmap" 

Kathy Laurini , NASA JSC                                                       December 11, 2013

"Interplanetary Rideshare Concept" 

Gerard (Jake) Szatkowski, ULA                                                   November 20, 2013

"Rationale for Need of In-Orbit Servicing Capabilities for GEO Spacecraft" 
Bryan Benedict , Intelsat General                                               November 13, 2013


"A Stable Home For Redirected Asteroids (And More?): Selenocentric Distant Retrograde Orbits (SDROs)" 
Dan Adamo , Independent Astrodynamics Consultant                                November 6, 2013


"Suspending Disbelief - Unbundling Space Power Systems to Foster Applications of Space-to-Space Power Beaming" 
Gary Barnhard , XISP Inc.                                                       October 30, 2013


"Overview of the Laser Communications Relay Demonstration Project" 
Bernard Edwards, NASA GSFC                                                      October 23, 2013

"90 Day Single Launch to Mars: A Case Study for The Fusion Driven Rocket" 

Anthony Pancotti ,  MSNW Llc.                                                   September 25, 2013


"Copernicus Trajectory Design and Optimization System" 

Jerry Condon , NASA JSC                                                         September 18, 2013


"SBAG Findings on ARM - Is There a Role for NEOs in Human Exploration?"

Mark Sykes , Planetary Science Institute                                        September 4, 2013


"Target NEO2: Workshop Summary and Next Steps" 

Rich Dissly , Ball Aerospace                                                    August 28, 2013


"Bigelow Aerospace Story: Genesis, the BEAM, and Beyond" 

Mike Gold , Bigelow Aerospace                                                   August 14, 2013


"NASA's Planetary Protection Policy for Mars Exploration - Planetary Protection Part 2" 

Cassie Conley , NASA HQ                                                         August 7, 2013


"Direct Fusion Drive for Fast Mars Missions with the Orion Spacecraft" 

Joseph Mueller , Princeton Satellite Systems                                    July 24, 2013


"Affected Government Engagement Model – Collaboration or Intervention"

Matt Smith , ULA                                                                July 17, 2013


"Surface Telerobotics" 

Ed Tunstel , APL/JHU                                                            July 10, 2013


"SPHERES Distributed Satellite Algorithm Research Aboard the ISS" 

Alvar Saenz-Otero , MIT                                                         June 26, 2013


"Known NEOs In Earthlike Orbits And Their Accessibility For Exploration" 

Dan Adamo , Independent Astrodynamics Consultant                                June 12, 2013


"PISCES: Settling the Near Space Frontier" 

Doris Hamill , NASA LaRC                                                        June 5, 2013


"METERON and its Related Robotics Technologies at ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Lab – Part 2" 

André Schiele , Delft Univ of Technology & ESA/ESTEC                            May 29, 2013


"Environmental Control and Life Support Systems: Current Status and Future Development" 

Robert Bagdigian & Robyn Carrasquillo , NASA MSFC                               May 22, 2013


"NASA's Planetary Protection Policy for Human and Robotic Missions - Part 1" 

Cassie Conley , NASA HQ                                                         May 15, 2013


"OPALS: An Optical Communications Technology Demonstration from the ISS" 

Bogdan Oaida , NASA JPL                                                         April 17, 2013


special … "Feasibility Analysis for a Manned Mars Free-Return Mission in 2018"   co-hosted by AIAA 

Taber MacCallum , Paragon & John Carrico , ADS                                  April 3, 2013


"Skylab II, Making a Deep Space Habitat from a Space Launch System Propellant Tank" 

Brand Griffin , Gray Research                                                   March 27, 2013


"Reducing the Cost of Exploration using Near-Term Advanced In-Space Propulsion" 

Roger Myers , Aerojet                                                           March 13, 2013


"Combined SEP-Chemical for Piloted Mars Missions" 

Steve Oleson , NASA GRC                                                         March 6, 2013


"Orion/MoonRise: a Joint Human/Robotic Sample Return Mission from the Lunar South Pole-Aitken Basin" 

Leon Alkalai , NASA JPL                                                         February 27, 2013


"Evolved Human Space Exploration Architectures Using Commercial Launch and Propellant Depots" 

Alan Wilhite , Georgia Inst.Tech./Natl.Inst.Aerospace                           February 13, 2013


"CST-100 Program Status" 

Keith Reiley , Boeing                                                           February 6, 2013


"Highlights of the NRC Report on NASA's Strategic Direction" 

Marcia Smith , SpacePolicyOnline.com                                            January 30, 2013


"An Overview of Disruption Tolerant Networking Technology and Applications" 

Kevin Gifford , University of Colorado                                          January 16, 2013


"The NASA Deep Space Habitat Project" 

Alvin Drew , NASA JSC                                                           December 19, 2012


"Exploration Platform in the Earth-Moon Libration System Based on ISS" 

Michael Raftery , Boeing                                                        December 12, 2012


"A Study of Options for Lunar Surface Access from Earth-Moon L1/L2" 

Mark Schaffer , SEI                                                             November 28, 2012


"Fastnet: Early Telerobotic Exploration of the Moon by Astronauts at Earth-Moon L2" 

Josh Hopkins , Lockheed Martin                                                  November 14, 2012


"Commercial Space and Why Are We Doing It?" 

Phillip McAlister , NASA HQ                                                     November 7, 2012


"Radiation Studies for a Long Duration Deep Space Transit Habitat" 

Lora Bailey , NASA JSC                                                          October 31, 2012


"This Way to Deep Space: Electric Propulsion Human Missions to Asteroids, the Moon, and Mars" 

Nathan Strange , NASA JPL                                                       October 24, 2012


"Mission Analysis and Conceptual Spacecraft Design for Human Exploration of Near-Earth Asteroids" 

Aline Zimmer , University of Stuttgart                                          October 17, 2012


"The Atsa Suborbital Observatory Using the XCOR Lynx Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicle" 

Faith Vilas , PSI & Khaki Rodway , XCOR                                         October 10, 2012


"Effects of the Evolution of NASA Cost Estimation Policies" 

Emma Hinds , Tauri Group                                                        September 5, 2012


"Innovative Technologies for Global Space Exploration" 

Jason Hay , Tauri Group                                                         August 29, 2012


"Benefits of a Single-Person Spacecraft for Weightless Operations" 

Brand Griffin , Gray Research                                                   August 15, 2012


"Surface Telerobotics from ISS" 

Maria Bualat , NASA ARC                                                         August 8, 2012


"Mars: On the Path or in the Way?" 

Brent Sherwood , NASA JPL                                                       August 1, 2012


"Technology Area Roadmap for In-Space Propulsion Technologies" 

Les Johnson , NASA MSFC                                                         July 25, 2012


"The Role of Cis-Lunar Space in Future Global Space Exploration" 

Marianne Bobskill , NASA LaRC & Mark Lupisella , GSFC                           July 18, 2012


"METERON and its Related Robotics Technologies at ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Lab – Part 1"  

Andre Schiele , Delft Univ of Technology & ESA/ESTEC                            July 11, 2012


"Nuclear Thermal Propulsion for Future Human Exploration Missions" 

Stanley Borowski , NASA GRC                                                     June 27, 2012


"Competition and EELV : Challenges and Opportunities in New Launch Vehicle Acquisition – Part 2" 

Stewart Money , independent, NSS, Mars Society                                  June 13, 2012


"Status of the NASA Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV)" 

Mark Geyer , NASA JSC                                                           June 6, 2012


"Asteroid Return Mission Feasibility" 

John Brophy , NASA JPL                                                          May 30, 2012


"A Study of Cryogenic Propulsive Stages for Human Exploration beyond Low Earth Orbit" 

Mark Schaffer , SpaceWorks Engineering                                          May 16, 2012


"Competition and EELV : Challenges and Opportunities in New Launch Vehicle Acquisition – Part 1" 

Stewart Money , independent, NSS, Mars Society                                  May 9, 2012


"Status of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS)" 

Jody Singer , NASA MSFC                                                         April 25, 2012


"Robotic Surgery: from Prostates to Satellites" 

Peter Kazanzides , JHU                                                          April 11, 2012


"Human Rating the Atlas and Delta Launch Vehicles" 

Jeff Patton & Mike Holguin , ULA                                                April 4, 2012


special … "Thoughts on Making Space Exploration Pay" 

Gordon Woodcock , Gray Research                                                 March 21, 2012


"Deep Space Habitat Configurations Based on ISS Systems"  

David Smitherman , NASA MSFC                                                    March 14, 2012


"NASA Space Technology Roadmaps and Priorities" 

Ray Colladay , Chair - NRC Space Technology Roadmaps                            March 7, 2012


"Orbital Debris and Future Environment Remediation" 

J.-C. Liou , NASA JSC                                                           February 22, 2012


"Space Servicing:  The Future is Now" 

Dan King , MDA Corp.                                                            February 15, 2012


"EVA — Don’t Leave Earth Without It" 

Scott Cupples & Stephen Smith NASA JSC                                          February 8, 2012


"Love, Fear, and Greed: Why We Should Go to the Asteroids" 

Martin Elvis , Harvard/Smithsonian CfA                                          January 18, 2012


"Transportation for Exploration: New Thoughts about Orbital Dynamics" 

Ed Belbruno , Innov. Orb. Design, Inc. & NYU                                    January 4, 2012


"Logistics and Operations versus Heavy Lift: Examining Approaches to Human Exploration in a Cost-Constrained Era" 

David L. Akin , U. Maryland                                                     December 14, 2011


"Are Robotic Surveyors to an Asteroid Before a Human Mission Justified?" 

Jeffrey Smith & Charles Weisbin , NASA JPL                                      December 7, 2011


"Human Space Exploration Community Workshop on the Global Exploration Roadmap" 

Kathy Laurini, NASA HQ & Roland Martinez, NASA JSC                              November 30, 2011


"The International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) Missions Scenarios Overview" 

Roland Martinez , NASA JSC                                                      November 9, 2011


"On-Orbit Lunar Telerobotics and Telepresence from Earth-Moon Lagrange Points" 

Dan Lester , U. Texas                                                           November 2, 2011


"SpaceNet: Simulation Environment for Space Exploration Logistics" 

Olivier De Weck & Paul Grogan , MIT                                             October 26, 2011


"Comparing Deimos and Phobos for Human Exploration" 

Josh Hopkins , Lockheed Martin                                                  October 19, 2011


"Toward Deep Space Exploration: Small Steps versus One Giant Leap"

Andy Thomas , NASA JSC                                                          October 12, 2011


"Consideration of Human Health & Performance Risks for Exploration of Near Earth Objects (NEO)" 

Susan Steinberg , Wyle Sci & Eng, Houston                                       October 5, 2011


"Designing an Enduring Mars Campaign" 

Gordon Woodcock , Gray Research                                                 September 14, 2011


"Re-usable Lunar Lander Based at EML1"              

Kevin Post & Ben Donahue , Boeing                                               September 7, 2011


"Wholesale Space Debris Removal" 

Jerome Pearson , Star Technology and Research                                   August 31, 2011


"Tele-Robotic Surgery in Extreme Environments" 

Shane Farritor , U. Nebraska-Lincoln                                            August 17, 2011


"Using Existing ISS Hardware to Prepare for Exploration Beyond LEO"   

Skip Hatfield , NASA JSC                                                        August 10, 2011


"The Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM) and ISS" 

Benjamin Reed , NASA GSFC                                                       August 3, 2011


"Feasibility of Time-Delayed Teleoperation -- Human Limitations in Critical Tasks" 

Tamás Haidegger , Austrian Ctr. Med. Innov. and Tech.                           July 27, 2011


"Artificial Gravity, the ISS, and a Solution to Long-Duration Space Flight" 

Laurence Young , MIT                                                            July 20, 2011


"Near-Earth Asteroids and Protecting Our Home Planet" 

Michael A’Hearn , UMd & Thomas Jones , Florida IHMC                             July 13, 2011


"ISS as a Mars Transit Analog" 

John Charles , NASA JSC                                                         June 29, 2011


"Solar Electric Propulsion : Evolving Capability Supporting Multiple Users & Missions" 

Tom Kessler , Boeing                                                            June  8, 2011


"International Space Station as a Platform for Exploration Beyond Low Earth Orbit" 

Mike Raftery , Boeing/ISS                                                       May 25, 2011


"What’s New in Space Radiation Risk Assessments for Exploration" 

Frank Cucinotta , NASA JSC                                                      May 18, 2011


"Is NASA Ready for Deep Space HSF?" 

Marc Cohen , Astrotecture                                                       May 11, 2011


"The European Prospects on High-Power Electric Propulsion Technology for Future In-Space Operations" 

Cosmo Casaregola , Alta SpA                                                     May 4, 2011


"How We Got to Where We Are: 40 Years of Planning …" 

Roger Launius , NASM                                                            April 20, 2011


"Cryogenic Orbital Testbed (CRYOTE) – Ground and Flight Testing" 

Mari Gravlee , ULA & Noah Rhys , Yetispace                                      April 6, 2011


"Cryogenic Propellant Depots Design Concepts and Risk Reduction Activities" 

Christopher McLean , Ball Aerospace                                             March 2, 2011


"Stationkeeping in and Design of Transfer Between Earth-Moon L1,2 Orbits: Artemis Mission Results" 

David Folta , NASA GSFC                                                         February 23, 2011


"The NAUTILUS-X Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle" 

Mark Holderman & Edward Henderson , JSC                                         January 26, 2011


"VASIMR VX-200 Performance and Near-term SEP Capability for Unmanned Mars Flight"
Tim Glover , Ad Astra Rocket                          
                         January 19, 2011


"NASA Human Space Flight Strategies: Budget Analysis of the Possibilities"

Edgar Zapata , NASA KSC                                                         January 12, 2011


"Near-Term Human Missions Beyond LEO"             

Harley Thronson, GSFC & Bernard Kutter, ULA                                     December 15, 2010


"Nuclear Systems for Space Power and Propulsion"

George Schmidt , NASA GRC                                                       December 8, 2010


"A Reusable Cislunar Transportation Architecture and Top 10 Technologies"

Dallas Bienhoff , Boeing                                                        December 1, 2010


"The Architecture of Artificial-Gravity Habitats"                        

Ted Hall, U. Michigan                                                           November 17, 2010


"Propellant Depots Made Simple"              

Bernard Kutter , ULA                                                            November 10, 2010


"Evolved EELV for Heavy Lift Launch"         

Jon Barr , ULA                                                                  November 3, 2010


"Options for Lunar Power Beaming"

Henry Brandhorst , Carbon-Free; Auburn (ret)                                    October 27, 2010     


"Why Comprehensively Tested Equipment on Complex Systems Such as Satellites will Prematurely Fail"

Len Losik , Failure Analysis                                                    October 20, 2010


"Potential Propellant Depot Locations Supporting Beyond-LEO Human Exploration"

Daniel Adamo , flight dynamics consultant                                       October 13, 2010


"Opportunities for NEO Exploration"

Lindley Johnson , NASA SMD                                                      September 29, 2010


"Plymouth Rock: Early Exploration of the Asteroids Using Orion"

Josh Hopkins , Lockheed Martin                                                  September 22, 2010


"Solar Electric Propulsion Space Tugs – The ACE Trucking Co. for NASA Exploration"

Joseph Cassady , Aerojet Corp.                                                  September 15, 2010


"Undersea Robotic Exploration"

Louis Whitcomb , JHU                                                            September 1, 2010


"NASA – A New Direction in Human Space Flight?"

John Logsdon , GWU/NASM                                                         August 25, 2010


"Overview of ILC Dover Habitat Programs and Technology"

Phil Spampinato , ILC Dover                                                     July 28, 2010


"The Space Servicing Capabilities Project Dextre Pointing Package"

Bo Naasz , NASA GSFC                                                            July 7, 2010


"ESMD Flagship Technology Demonstrations Overview"

Craig Tooley , NASA GSFC                                                        June 23, 2010


"The L1 Orbit Used for Servicing (LOTUS): Enabling Human/Robotic Servicing Missions in the Earth-Moon System"

Brent Barbee , Emergent Space Technologies                                      June 16, 2010


"Expanding the Final Frontier: The Bigelow Aerospace Story and NASA’s New Commercial Direction"

Mike Gold , Bigelow                                                             June 9, 2010


"Orbital Debris Prevention and Protection"

Scott Hull , NASA GSFC                                                          March 31, 2010


"Lunar Orbit Image Recovery Project"
Dennis Wingo , Orbital Recovery                       
                         March 3, 2010


"A Flexible Path of Human and Robotic Exploration"

David Korsmeyer , NASA ARC                                                      February 10, 2010


"Introduction to Space Architecture"

Scott Howe and Brent Sherwood , NASA JPL                                        January 27, 2010


"Between the Moon and Mars: NEO Redux"

Rob Landis , NASA ARC                                                           January 20, 2010


"System Architecture Analysis for Earth Observation Campaigns"
Daniel Selva & Brandon Suarez , MIT                   
                         December 16, 2009


"HERRO (Human Exploration using Real-time Robotic Operations): A Robotically Intensive Strategy for Human Exploration"

George Schmidt , NASA GRC                                                       October 28, 2009


"HST Crew Aids and Tools: Working in Space Today and Tomorrow"

Jill McGuire , NASA GSFC                                                        October 21, 2009


"A Comparison of Human and Robotic Servicing of the Hubble Space Telescope"

Art Whipple , NASA GSFC                                                         October 14, 2009


"Venues for Astronomy in the Constellation Era"
Dan Lester ,  U. Texas                                
                         September 9, 2009


"The "Gateway" Human-Occupied Facility at Earth-Moon Libration Points"
Harley Thronson , NASA GSFC                           
                         September 2, 2009


"Propellant Depots in Space to Enable Human Exploration"
Bernard Kutter , ULA                                  
                         August 19, 2009


"Perspectives on NASA Mission Cost and Schedule Performance Trends"

Bob Bitten , Aerospace Corp.                                                    August 12, 2009


"The Future of Human Spaceflight"

David Mindell , MIT                                                             August 5, 2009


"NRL/DARPA FREND Project Overview: Satellite Servicing at GEO"

Glen Henshaw , NRL                                                              July 29, 2009


"The Orbital Express Mission (Refresher)"

Randy Rubens , Boeing                                                           July 22, 2009


"Prospects for Future Satellite Upgrade"

Frank Cepollina , NASA GSFC                                                     July 15, 2009


"Lunar Surface Rendezvous – An Alternative Lunar Architecture"

Daniel Adamo , flight dynamics consultant                                       June 17, 2009


"A Model for Estimating the Cost of Satellite Servicing"
Zach Bailey , MIT                                     
                         June 3, 2009


"Science Mission Concepts for NASA’s Constellation Program

George Paulikas , Aerospace                                                     December 17, 2008


"Structureless Space Telescope (SST) -- A Large Space Aperture at Low Cost with Near-Term Technology"

James Wertz , Microcosm Inc.                                                    December 3, 2008


"Large Deployable Optical Systems Enabled by the Ares V Launch Vehicle"

Chuck Lille , Northrop-Grumman Space Tech                                       November 19, 2008


"The Economic Development of the Solar System as the Heart of a 21st Century Spacepower Theory"

Dennis Wingo , Orbital Recovery                                                 August 6, 2008


"Robots and Humans in Spaceflight: Technology, Evolution, and
Interplanetary Travel"

Roger Launius , NASM                                                            July 23, 2008

"Perspectives on NASA Mission Cost and Schedule Performance Trends"

Bob Bitten , Aerospace                                                          July 2, 2008

"Introduction to UPC-Orion"

Neal Barthelme , NASA GSFC                                                      June 4, 2008


"A Decision-Making Framework to Determine the Value of Serviceability in Space Telescopes"

Mark Baldessara , MIT                                                           May 22, 2008

"System F6 Program Overview"
Owen Brown , DARPA                                    
                         February 6, 2008


Brian Muirhead , NASA ESMD                            
                         January 30, 2008

"Orbital Express Orbital Express: Program Summary and Program
Summary and Flight Results "
Bob Friend , Boeing                                   
                         November 28, 2007

"Exploration Systems Mission Directorate"
Geoff Yoder , NASA ESMD                               
                         October 31, 2007

"Science Observations from the Earth-Moon L1 Point"
John West , NASA JPL                                  
                         October 24, 2007

"Assembly of a Large Modular Optical Telescope: Segmented PrimAry RoboTic Assembly Experiment -- ALMOST-SPARTAN"

Dave Miller ,  MIT                                                              October 3, 2007

"United Launch Alliance Advanced Development"
Bernard Kutter , ULA                                  
                         August 28, 2007

"Roundtable on the Future of Satellite and Spacecraft Servicing"
Harley Thronson ,  NASA GSFC                          
                         May 23, 2007

"Smart Service Module Overview"

Jim Free ,  NASA GRC                                                            May 16, 2007


"Ares V and FISO"
Phil Sumrall , NASA MSFC                              
                         May 9, 2007


"EVA Systems 101: Architecture & Ops Con"
Scott Cupples , NASA JSC                              
                         May 2, 2007


"Overview of Inflatable Airlock & Related Technologies"
Dave Cadogan , ILC Dover                              
                         April 24, 2007

"Ares V: An Enabling Capability for Future Space Science Missions"
Phil Stahl , NASA MSFC                                
                         April 18, 2007       


"Orbital Express: A New Chapter in Space"
Tracey Espero , Boeing                                
                         March 28, 2007


"Paving the Way Toward a New Generation of In-Space Operations Capability: The Orbital Express Program"

Tracey Espero , Tom Kessler , Boeing                                            March 21, 2007


"Thirty Meter Space Telescope (TMST) Conceptual Mechanical Design Development"
Jason Budinoff , NASA GSFC                            
                         March 13, 2007


"The Apollo Experience Lessons Learned for Constellation Lunar Dust Management"
Jennifer Heldmann , NASA ARC                          
                         February 7, 2007


"Human/Robotic Systems to Enable In-Space Operations in the CEV Era"
Dave Akin , U. Maryland                               
                         January 31, 2007


"In-Space Robotic Systems"
Rob Ambrose , NASA JSC                                
                         January 24, 2007




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