The URL you have entered doesn't exist on this server. That file or folder may have been removed, or the name may have been edited. If the latter, and a recent one, check here to get the current FISO telecon archive list wherein you may be able to find the current version. Of course, the link you're using may just be wrong. Then again, you may be trying to get a file before we've released it. You wouldn't be doing that, would you?


But …


We've reorganized older (<2016) FISO presentations in our archive into separate folders, so if it is an older presentation that you're looking for, it probably IS here. You just have to go look up the new URL. That's easy to do. If you are coming from some external site, look to see what FISO filename that site is trying to point you at. There is a date on that filename. As in …


Joeblow_4-1-09                      Look at the year.



For 2007-2009 presentations, go to

For 2010-2012 presentations, go to
For 2013-2015 presentations, go to


In those archive lists, you'll find the older FISO presentation you're looking for. See, that wasn't hard, was it?